Working woman life hacks

I’ve now been employed for 3 months which obviously means I’m really really smart and just totally nailing life. To mark the end of this preliminary period I thought it would be a good idea to share some tips and tricks I have picked up along the way.

Disclaimer – this is not based on anything more than my own experience, much of it will sound obvious, much of it will be nonsense and most of it will revolve around eating.


The morning coffee: I have to get two buses to work each morning. Well, I don’t have to, I could join Edinburgh’s cycling dare devils and burn up a few hundred calories on the commute but it all seems a bit dangerous and would require me NOT getting up at the very last minute. When I first started my job, I got into the habit of grabbing a take away coffee in between bus journeys. I didn’t do this everyday but I did on those mornings when I felt like I needed a caffeine style kick up the arse (with chocolate on top). I started to tally up these little boosters along with the cup I would inevitably have at the weekend. I swiftly realised that I might easily spend almost £40 a month just on cappu-bloody-cinos! So, my advice to you – buy instant for the office and save the ‘fancy’ coffees for cute mate dates and catch ups with your Gran.

The make up routine: I’ve mentioned in previous blogs that my knowledge of both the tools and the application process is somewhat lacking. However, based on a brief spell of insomnia and watching various tutorials to help me sleep (I don’t know what else to say, it just soothes me) I think I’ve developed a little bit more know how in the make up department. I even have a whole other make up bag just for my brushes, beauty blenders and setting spray ( which I think might actually be tap water). The time for contouring, blending and transitional eyeshadow colours isn’t there in the morning. From the moment I get on bus number two until just before I hop off, I’m sat towards the back chucking some slap on my face. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve almost stabbed myself with an eyeliner, although I have become impressively steady with a mascara wand.  Save time, sleep more and transform your face while in transit.

The insatiable hunger: Everyone who works in an office has that space, that wee nook  you keep your multipack of satsumas in or a packet of Ryvita that is slowly growing stale as your good intentions lose out to your functioning taste buds. In my office I have a drawer. At the moment it consists of balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, a box of supermarket knock off Special K and a multipack of pom bears (you know those crisps 5 year olds eat?) The point is, investing in office snacks is pivotal. Your movement is limited, your brain is the only organ doing any real flexing – yet you can’t stop thinking about what you’ll have for elevenses and it’s only 10.02. Choose wisely with your nibbles  so that you don’t gorge yourself all day, but also understand that your 3pm cuppa should almost always be joined by a chocolate based anything.

The lunch prep: Maybe I’m using the word ‘prep’ a little loosely here as what might seem like a bad ass piece of organisation, the likes of which cry out to be instagramed (seriously though, meal prep pictures have to be the most uninteresting pictures to look at) is really just mine and my boyfriend’s inability to correctly judge portion size. So my Tupperware offerings mostly include left over pasta, chilli or the occasional salad.  Save money, don’t measure when cooking and go to your nearest TK Maxx to experience food container nirvana.

The after work routine: Take off your adult clothes as soon as you get in the door. Otherwise you will burst into flames. That’s simple science. Unless you’re going straight to an after work event, then the spontaneous combustion is automatically delayed but still, it’s best to keep your kit on; No one wants to see you in your mismatched undies at a swanky restaurant opening while they’re just trying to enjoy a cheeky wee canape. Adult clothes for the outside world but pyjama bottoms, sweatpants and hoodies are what respectable people wear at home after 6pm on a Tuesday.

The social life: Once you’re in the 9-5 game, the weekends become your ultimate solace. The reward for all the research, writing, biscuit eating, interviewing, reading, biscuit eating and polite emailing. What you’ll find is that these precious moments of relief are quickly taken up as you try to squeeze in adequate family, friend, partner and don’t forget ME (I mean you) time. What makes it even harder is that obviously because I’m an adult now, I forget things, so I double, sometimes triple book. Buy a diary, write things down, and don’t feel too bad if it’s not a bullet journal. Who the f*ck has time for that?

Avoid the burnout: Don’t be ashamed to make plans to have no plans – pottering is my meditation. As the weekend approaches, sometimes there is nothing better than knowing you aren’t committed to doing anything you don’t want to do. I like going to a mid morning gym class or visiting one of my favourite local places for breakfast, which the other half and I have nicknamed the blue café. I recommend the pancakes! Giving yourself the time to switch off and engage your mind in something outside of work is so important. I love my job and it’s always helpful to squirrel away any ideas that might randomly come to me, so I write them down and get back to things like watching 80’s movies in my jammies on a Sunday afternoon. Little lists are your friends so you can file them away for later and get on with your time out. Do laundry, bake a cake, get outside, binge watch rom-coms.

You do you my friends.




Feel free to send me make up tips. The gold to brown shimmer eyeshadow look is getting a little tired.



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  1. Take off your adult clothes as soon as you get in the door. Otherwise you will burst into flames. That’s simple science’ 100% agreed. Another fabulous article!

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