What to do with 2022

The inevitable has happened…

I caught Covid and am currently on day 3 of isolation.

I’m alone in my flat as my dear roomie & dog are still down south for the festive season. Current symptoms include the snotters, an annoying cough, feeling a bit achy and being sleepier than usual. 

In the grand scheme of things, I know I’m lucky and if my symptoms remain as is, I know I’ll have gotten off lightly. I’ll be interested to see where my mental state gets to by day 8 but so far, we’re doing ok (talking to myself even more than usual is still ok right?) 

I’ve not written anything here for a while and things have changed quite a bit. I’ve made the leap to freelance sooner than expected thanks to redundancy and while the final months of 2021 have been pretty jam packed with work, as I stare into the void that is 2022…it’s hard not to feel slightly panicked. 

Thanks to Covid-19, planning has become something of a luxury, a risky indulgence that could see hopes and expectations shattered overnight. However, we press on. There’s nothing else to be done. 

This became especially true for me a few months ago when a romantic connection with someone I really liked ended abruptly. We met in real life amongst a group of mutual friends, and it was soon obvious there was a cheeky wee spark. Very much one fiery personality meeting another, it was fun and exciting, so when it came to an end that I wasn’t ready for, my heart was left a little bruised. Retreating, I took some time to heal and consider the lessons learned. While the opportunity to be friends with this person is there, it’s not something I’m ready for just yet, maybe with more time I will be. After all, genuine connections are hard to find.

In the process of something of a career overhaul and a romantic hiatus, my relationships with friends and family have been crucial. I genuinely have no idea what 2022 will bring and if the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that even those who seem to be in the most secure of situations, aren’t immune to drastic change, for better or worse. 

What I’d like to take forward into the new year with me is my continued mission to protect my peace. It’s something I think we can all do more of. Whether that’s taking care of your body: get that smear test, if something isn’t quite right go for a check-up, rest when you need to, move when you feel you can, take a long walk, go to the beach, dance while you’re cooking. If certain situations and people leave you feeling drained of energy, reassess whether you need them in your life and have the courage to walk away if necessary.

When you have moments of being unkind to yourself about how you look, your intelligence, your value – try to imagine you are talking to a friend. I know this is so hard as we are undeniably our own worst enemies at times, but by taking control of your thoughts, how you react to certain situations and people, you will feel so liberated and much more content. It makes it easier to move forward and consider how you might change something you’re not happy with, whether that’s how you feel about your appearance, fitness, career, relationships (romantic or otherwise) and so much more. Think about what brings you peace and nurture it as much as you can. 

With that in mind, I did a little experiment today…

I tried to count on my fingers how many people I have in my life who genuinely love me, and I quickly ran out of fingers. 

How lucky am I? 

So, while I might be bringing in 2022 alone, I will raise a glass and a smile knowing how much love I have in my life and how much love I will give back for another 365 days. 

Catching covid was inevitable but breaking my spirit is impossible. 

Happy new year when it comes and cheers to kissing strangers again! 

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