The Great Balancing Act

When people use the little quip of’You have the same number of hours in a day as Beyonce‘, in a bid to make people do more, they obviously weren’t considering a 26 year old studying a Masters in Journalism whilst also trying to adequately support herself through a part time job, maintain some kind of social life, healthy eating/exercise regime, while making sure that she doesn’t lose touch with family and friends who live in different cities across the UK.

After 4 years away from higher education, I had forgotten just how important time management actually is and how hectic the student life can actually be. I think that’s mostly down to the fact that in hindsight, I had it pretty easy during my undergrad. I lived at home, didn’t have any major financial commitments and in all honesty, took it for granted. Fast forward 4 years and I’m living with four other girls and like it or not I’m the eldest of these lovely ladies. Don’t get me wrong, I love my flat mates and have quickly bonded with two of the girls, both of whom, I only met when we moved in. I also received a nice little self esteem boost from my 19 year old flat mate the other day by saying  ‘I like speaking to you, I feel like I learn something new everyday’. This might be based on the fact that I keep mentioning bands and movies that she, along with my 18 year old flat mate have never heard of, N*Sync are included in this category and shit did that one make me feel old!

Lately I have been learning a lot about how best to keep a total and utter anxiety/panic attack at bay whilst I consider looming deadlines, how best to budget my weekly food budget and somehow figure out how I can fit in experience in Journalism alongside my degree (which is compulsory anyway) that will lead me into the job of dreams and justify this endeavor into student life/debt once and for all.

Hey, before you get bored of my whining, let me just say that I do actually love my degree and the fact that it gives me the opportunity to gain practical skills. For example, I have already presented on a radio news program, made my first podcast and radio package and hit the streets of Edinburgh interviewing complete strangers on a whole host of topics. So while things are tough and there have definitely been more than a few occasions when I have thought it might be better for both my stress levels and sanity to consider a 9-5/Monday to Friday gig, I know that I would regret it in years or most probably, months to come.

They say ( and don’t ask me who ‘They’ actually are: the next door neighbours? the Kardashians? those daft wifeys on loose women? Who the bloody hell knows!)  nothing worth having comes easily and I truly believe that is the case in every aspect of life; whether it’s finding your dream career, home, partner or taking the enormous effort to prepare a roast dinner. This is something I also did for the first time by myself recently, naturally it was epic.

I’m learning more of what it means to ‘adult‘ as I nudge on through the latter part of my twenties and the ironic thing is, I’m doing this as I immerse myself in a world of students. It’s an environment filled with many people who are just branching out on their own for the very first time or are yet to feel comfortable in their own skin. It’s refreshing and it’s eye opening, even if only to the fact that some students still drink Hooch.


Photo Credit: Duncan Errington


One thought on “The Great Balancing Act

  1. Yes the growth of the people around us is extremely interesting. To watch yourself grow is something different and altogether. Good luck on your all of your future ventures! (and roast dinners)


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